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Steam Family Sharing beta allows you to lend your games to friends

Vyralize: Steam has announced its Family Sharing beta program which allows users to share their Steam downloaded content with friends and family, just like you would with physical discs.

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AbyssGravelord1682d ago

This is going to be a great feature. I have friends who own hundreds of games I wanted to try before I buy and now I'll get the chance!

cyclindk1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Like what Micro was trying originally, but done right.

The Great Melon1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Moochers rejoice! Now my all my stingy friends are going hitting me up for my library of games (steam says I am a "Director of Acquisitions") despite them owning only a couple. This isn't a one way street...

Regardless, it's a great feature to see arise in digital media. I hope these kind of policies spill over into other services beyond gaming.

dilawer1682d ago

I have seen this feature somewhere before can't put my finger on it.

aridectel1681d ago

you mean with the ps4 game share feature?

dilawer1681d ago

Yeah, totally the unique PS4 FAMILY sharing feature, which was admired by gamers all over the world.

ironfist921681d ago

Is there a time limit or any limit? Or can I basically play the entire game for free?

grahf1681d ago

The only limit is 2 people can't play the game simultaneously. If you're borrowing a game from your grandma, and she logs in and starts to play, your session will end within a few minutes.

ironfist921680d ago

So we cant play the same game simultaneously? Or I cant play the game whilst theyve logged into steam, regardless of what game theyre playing or doing anything else?

grahf1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

No, a shared library may only be accessed by one user at a time.

Source : http://store.steampowered.c...

So I was wrong in my original post.