Download Tablet-Optimized Twitter APK for Android

CrazRoid: "Finally, Folks at Twitter have realized that Android also deserves a tablet-optimized app for the social network. The latest Galaxy Note 10.1, shown at IFA contained a tablet-optimized app for Twitter."

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dilawer1718d ago

about time. This was so overdue I'd say. I'm hoping it will officially be launched on Google Play in a month or so.

Speed-Racer1718d ago

Hmmm doesn't work for me. Will wait for an official release.

dilawer1717d ago

I can help you out don't give up on it just yet. Tell me what happens? Did you update it over your previous Twitter app?

Speed-Racer1717d ago

Yea. I shouldn't have done that, huh

dilawer1716d ago

@Racer-X , I updated my twitter app too, it was blank screen and then stopped working. Now, all you have to do is Clear data and cache for the twitter app and launch it again. It will work like a charm. ;)