Here’s Yahoo’s new logo…do you like it?

Vyralize: After 30 days of random logos, Yahoo has finally unveiled the new image that will represent their company from here on.

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UltimateMaster993d ago

Why not try another color than Purple?

dilawer992d ago

Yes, last time I checked it received more traffic than Google in U.S. So I have a feeling people do use it.

kingPoS992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

Still use the groups...

Now if i could only rid myself of the eternal spam that plagues my account.

Soldierone992d ago


Those stats didn't include mobile phones and some tablets, which Google is clearly dominating with.

bdtrickz1990d ago

Nothing much changed. Its just a havoc to seek attention to Yahoo

RedHawkX993d ago

looks like the youtube new logo. why everyone doing the same thing for their new logos?

dilawer992d ago

because it's mainstream.

Soldierone992d ago

Looks like they typed it in Photoshop then added a few basic effects to it lol....

Being yahoo, it will just get worse next month with another update.....

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