John McCain caught playing iPhone Poker during Syria strike debate

Vyralize: Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was busted playing a game of Poker on his iPhone during a senate debate about whether or not the US should bomb Syria for carrying out chemical attacks on its citzens.

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jimmywolf975d ago

proof that are government don't care about what happens in are life by not taking a debates serious, an you find it best too find the time too post their typo's...... it no wonder why they call us sheep....

KwietStorm975d ago

I'm hoping that was brilliant use of a facetious response.

Angels3785974d ago

You vote?.....Good Lord. While I agree with your points I had to piece them together.

SilentNegotiator974d ago

He already had his mind made up that the resolution didn't go far enough. They were debating whether or not to go through with it, not whether or not the degree was proper.

What's really sad is that Obama thinks that it's okay to get involved in another civil war (when he promised to not get involved in any), but argues that he's 'only kinda going to war' because it's just airstrikes. And that one of the main concerns by his opposition is that they aren't planning an aggressive enough war.

360ICE974d ago

I think international regulations on chemical weapons are worth upholding.

SilentNegotiator974d ago

How could NO ONE else want to deal with the situation if the evidence is supposedly so striking?

fatstarr975d ago

I mean its not like the senate is a serious job.

its a ton of grown ass men in a room acting like kindergartners on a paid vacation.

SKUD975d ago

That's how he measures his luck that day. Well done sir.

franwex974d ago

Heh. It's not like I wouldn't have done the same anyway.

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