Facebook usage linked with unhappiness, according to new study

Vyralize: Simply put, Facebook usage can eventually lead to a feeling of sadness, according to latest studies.

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asmith2306988d ago

They are only realising this now?

dilawer988d ago

I kinda feel happy after a FB session.

Speed-Racer988d ago

Umm what's a Facebook session? :S

dilawer987d ago

it's like when you USE it! :D

snake_eater988d ago

Facebook is for nerds...go out and meet real people.

Agent_hitman988d ago

Facebook are filled with spoiled brats and selfie people. Most of their posts are stupid and nonsense, trying to envy you with their achievements and new gadgets to make you feel bad for yourself.. Better not to open your FB or else you will see more of that.. Or if you can't help it just unfriend those people..

level 360988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

Only use it to get in touch with long lost friends from other countries.

Other than that there really is nothing on the website that would keep me interested.

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