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Submitted by Vyralize 909d ago | news

Facebook usage linked with unhappiness, according to new study

Vyralize: Simply put, Facebook usage can eventually lead to a feeling of sadness, according to latest studies. (Facebook, Services, Web)

asmith2306  +   909d ago
They are only realising this now?
dilawer  +   909d ago
I kinda feel happy after a FB session.
Zerg  +   909d ago
You need a girlfriend.
dilawer  +   909d ago
you need a life.
Speed-Racer  +   909d ago
Umm what's a Facebook session? :S
dilawer  +   909d ago
it's like when you USE it! :D
snake_eater  +   909d ago
Facebook is for nerds...go out and meet real people.
Agent_hitman  +   909d ago
Facebook are filled with spoiled brats and selfie people. Most of their posts are stupid and nonsense, trying to envy you with their achievements and new gadgets to make you feel bad for yourself.. Better not to open your FB or else you will see more of that.. Or if you can't help it just unfriend those people..
level 360  +   909d ago
Only use it to get in touch with long lost friends from other countries.

Other than that there really is nothing on the website that would keep me interested.
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Minute Man 721  +   909d ago
Well some German magazine claims that if you are no on facebook you are a terrorist
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TwistedMetal  +   909d ago
yeah facebook is pretty lame. I got on it during university to make some new friends and such with others at my uni when facebook was just coming out and it was cool then. then it became like myspace and anyone could get in and now it has no meaning and is not real. people now have anime pictures and all kinds of dumb stuff on there. its no longer and honest community. now I just check it every few months to see if I got any request or if some long loss girl from the past has a crush on me or something. I focus on myself now instead of everyone elses lives.
Tiqila  +   909d ago
Gamesgbkiller  +   909d ago
I never used FB for years.

its too much.
RE_L_MAYER  +   908d ago
Its good to see what people you dont see everyday are up to, follow new items from manufacturers on websites, see cool pictures and artwork people work hard on, funny pics-if website makes you sad after visiting it you need a therapist cause you entire life is that way
Soldierone  +   908d ago
shhh, the government doesn't want you to stop using it. Facebook does almost all their tracking work for them. The rest of it is done at Google.
-Gespenst-  +   908d ago
Social networking in general is just pure narcissism. Advertising yourself a certain way and cultivating a surface persona. It's just full of people talking about inane and mundane stuff, as well taking pictures of themselves. Not to mention the level of desperation and approval-seeking. Can't stand it when people post really personal but allusive and cryptic things about their lives. If you don't want to let us know (as suggested by the allusiveness of the remark), then why are you telling us this stuff? It's like some sort of weird approval grab / weird pride because you have a turbulent personal life.

Oh and god, the memes... Just one obnoxious, homogenous meme after another. Can people even communicate properly with one another anymore?

There's something weird to me about people just sitting in their rooms posting comments in real time on such an active "forum" so to speak. You're just sitting in your room telling everyone what you're doing. Why are you sharing this information with us? Twitter's kind of worse for that I guess. It's even worse when someone is clearly in the middle of something (watching a film, hanging out with friends etc.) and yet are on facebook / twitter talking about it. Why are you doing that??! Enjoy what you're doing! Why do you need facebook to validate it?? How short is your attention span and why do you feel you need to come on facebook and tell us what you're currently in the middle of doing?! It's totally absurd.

The only reason I use it is to stay in touch with friends I might otherwise not see often, and also to have the occasional discussion with people over certain posts. The absolute crap that accompanies this is just interminable.
Qrphe  +   908d ago
Agreed. I used to use it "keep in touch with friends" but soon realized that my good friends keep in touch with me through other means other than Facebook anyway and Facebook is full of what you described.

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