'Light At The End Of The Tunnel' Explained. The Science Behind Near Death Experiences

NRM: "Many people claim to see a bright light at the end of a tunnel on their deathbeds. Those of us with religious beliefs see this as the light of heaven; but researchers have discovered new evidence that proves otherwise, claiming these visions may be caused by Electrical surges in the brain."

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Black-Helghast1768d ago

What if that light is the opening of another vagina?

GenericNameHere1768d ago

You... Are a freaking genius O__O

kingmushroom1767d ago

wow some guy went out giving disagrees, hopefully he docent reancarnate

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SpringHeeledJack1768d ago

Misleading title since they do not claim to have solved why people have NDE's, it just a theory based on increased electrical activity in the brain which happens BEFORE death. NDE's take place after death not before and they can't bring the rats back and ask them if they had NDE.

Couple things that this theory fails is the fact people have NDE's with no brain activity a famous case being pam reynolds who even had her blood drained and eyes and ears taped up.

Second if increased electrical activity in the brain before death caused NDE's then everyone who died and got brough bk would be having a NDE which isn't the case.

I think more likely is these rodents was just very scared n stressed being poked n put to death.

r211767d ago

Woah, they toyed around with death? Shit, i wonder how many animals died from this experiment.

johny51767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

What if it's like Fists of the North star and the light you see is your soul becoming a star?