PS4 Party Chat + 2000 Friends Confirmed

Press Start - A new Playstation Q&A Video has confirmed that Party Chat will be on the PS4 without PS Plus. The friends list was also confirmed to hold 2000 friends.

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-Mezzo-1786d ago

It great,... But wayyy more than i'll ever need.

I don't like adding random people.

KwietStorm1785d ago

If you notice one thing in that PS4 OS overview video, however, there was a shot where the guy had a custom group in his list. It would be extremely useful to be able to have groups for specific game clans, because while they would take up many slots, it would be organized, and you still wouldn't have to worry about hitting the cap. Then you could have a group for randoms if you wanted too.

badboy7761785d ago

I have over 600 subscribers on youtube and it's growing quickly. Now I add everyone with no problem. Also Sony should promote PS Home and it could become the next Virtual Facebook on PS4.

Anarki1785d ago

I don't know why they cap the amount of friends anyway. lol Not that we would ever use 2000, would be very tedious seeing 2000 people logging in and out all the time. Cannot wait for my day 1 PS4.

Pillsbury11785d ago

Yes! Ps4 will be the most amazing console to release.

FRAKISTAN1785d ago

on the other side the xbone has a 1000 friend limit and cross platform party chat is "Unlikely" LOL

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