Google+ still dead in the water in terms of social sharing

Vyralize: Social plugin & analytics giant Gigya is reporting that only 2% of content is being shared via Google+ even after Google themselves report huge registration figures.

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steve30x1767d ago

All they needed to do was make Google+ thje same at the original Facebook with better privacy but they had to add useless stuff , the news feed has stuff on it you dont want to see and it goes on and on. If they keep it simple with the best privacy people will flock to Google+ and to add salt to the wound the new layout is a disaster

badkolo1767d ago

its such a mess i look at it and im lost

Soldierone1767d ago

I haven't used mine in maybe 2 years now.

I hate the circles idea, honestly.

Facebook is sliding downhill for me too. Can't even see my friends updates because its all buried under "promoted" posts that stay at the top for a week......

iamnsuperman1767d ago

I accidentally got one a few weeks ago. It is bad that I managed to accidentally get a plus account. The problem with plus is it tried too hard to be facebook

fatstarr1767d ago

it was good in its infant days. but it slowly went to shit with the fb updates and limitations and the new rules.

Soldierone1767d ago

When it first started, Google pretty much shoved it into every Gmail account. Thats how I ended up with one.

The only thing that really kept me around was using the chat thing. So we could see history, and add people easily.

steve30x1767d ago

You should install social fixer for Facebook. It fixes a lot of the problems on facebook and gets rid of those promoted posts. I have to agree though. Facebook is changing a lot and is getting worse all the time. I only have a facebook account because all my friends are on there> They should have just kept facebook the way it was orifinally.

nix1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

i think circle is the better... at least you have to add someone under one circle or the other like - colleagues/friends/families/i don't know who/ignore etc.

FB is suggesting ppl to group them... and yeah.. you don't get all of your friends' updates unless you've grouped them under "close friends" which is pretty much what G+ was doing to start off with.

fatstarr1767d ago

I mean i quit on it because they wanted to link everything under 1 account and I wasnt avin that.

Speed-Racer1767d ago

I got trapped with that on YouTube. They made the option to keep your username a very tiny link initially and I thought you had no choice but to use your real name. Finally was able to revert after some time but it's silly they that want us under one account. Gets annoying if you have different uses for different Google services.

KwietStorm1767d ago

I don't know what everyone's problem with Google+ is.

fatstarr1767d ago

lack of privacy outside the network, everything links to your g+ and some people dont notice it until its too late.

steve30x1767d ago

Google+ is all over the place and isnt easy to use

KwietStorm1766d ago

Well that just makes me laugh.

Vigor1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

not even the mandatory sign up through other services couldn't save it.

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