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Submitted by Settler 939d ago | opinion piece

Why We Can No Longer Trust Microsoft

PC Magazine- If anyone should be mad at the NSA for all the snooping that appears to be going on, it should be the Department of Commerce, not privacy advocates. The recent revelations are not a threat to national security so much as a threat to the national economy. And if I were Microsoft, I'd be having around-the-clock meetings to discuss how to fix what is about to happen. (Industry, Microsoft, NSA, Software)

Settler  +   939d ago
Do people really think that any product is safe?
Mounce  +   939d ago
I'd say, of course, no product is 'safe'.

But buying or investing your money with Microsoft and their business strategies is basically handing over more than you bargained for. More than what any normal consumer would likely come to realize that Microsoft sees you as ants with money :/ They're the worst of the worst to have business with and many game developers and indie developers say the same.
Sitdown  +   939d ago
So despite companies that run ponzi schemes, and rob individuals of their life savings, you designate Microsoft as the worse of the worse to have business with? I don't understand why people feel the need to exaggerate in order justify their dislike for a company. Developers do not like Microsoft's business strategy, but somehow are more than willing to take their money.
Mounce  +   939d ago
Out of all companies that I've seen or dealt with in my current lifespan - Yes, Microsoft is the worst, and they portray themselves on their own to be the worst to deal with - I've not 'Dealt' or seen EVERY COMPANY in the known world....

So, of course with that note of common sense laid out? It is impossible to compare Microsoft with a Worse-compare that I do not know exists. This is neither exaggeration nor sugarcoating since it is my experiences and opinion in which I truthfully say, they shoot themselves in the foot, look and sound like douchebags - I do not like them, what is there for me to like about them? Nothing. :/

I do proper research of what company to not go with or not 'try' to get fucked over by if buying hardware parts, software, or anything overseas and my experiences outside of Microsoft have been Fine :L Only thing I'd say is I'd never buy an Asus laptop ever again if I had to be all honest with all companies I hate? Asus' quality and customer service sucks ass when I had gotten my laptop repaired 3x in a row and I tried to hope dead-pixels wouldn't be a problem as I had heard.

But yeah. Microsoft is the worst to my known-existence. What else do you want me to say or do? Hunt down every company and do business with them so I can properly compare them and be like that guy with "America's Dirtiest Jobs' TV show, except it'd be 'Dirtiest' in the sense of how bad the business/company is to work for? :L
georgeenoob  +   939d ago
Safe? Of course not! That camera is intended to watch you jerk off and then police come knocking on your door!

Seriously? In what way is the Xbox One not safe? Is it going to rape you at night, is the camera gonna report your activity to the police? That's funny, given Kinect doesn't even spy on you in the first place. Quit the conspiracies Sony fans.
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stuna1  +   939d ago
@ Sitdown

Can you really believe it's hate to drive people to say all the negative things they do about Microsoft? Do a little research on the history of Microsoft! You'd be surprised at what you'd find. Microft are like sharks in a tank full of guppies! They are a hostile company in every sense of the word, even to point that the government has had to intervene into their action on more than a couple of occasions .

Sure they are not the only ones with sordid past, but they are known to try to perpetrate the same type of tactics on the unsuspecting public when they think people are too stupid to remember prior transgressions. It's alright to favor a company when they provide you with their services, but people need to recognize when their being taken for a ride.

Too all the ones saying that these things are not possible, I just wish I had the same faith that you all have, but history speaks to the contrary, and in my opinion that is all anyone should need!
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fatstarr  +   935d ago
everyone that's a big boy in the tech game does it. because the government bullies it in and says " if you want to be shit you better listen and do what we say"
Ranma1  +   939d ago
dont ever think the government is more powerful than the people. The people can change this anytime they want....

they just cant be bothered or are not really interested. if thats their attitude dont they deserve some blame for having their privacy taken away?

why do americans always vote for people like the republicans or democrats?

i feel that if people used the internet more than watch tv more, things like this would be less likely yo happen as people would be more informed. so maybe things will change in the future. i hope
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extermin8or  +   938d ago
Go watch "enemy of the state" with will smith that was made in 1998 and its an entertaining film etc but it has an important point in there
RedHawkX  +   939d ago
ps4 is safe so buy that.
lastofgen  +   939d ago
you know for sure??
Crazyglues  +   939d ago
"Why We Can No Longer Trust Microsoft"

-Wait, you mean there was a time when we could trust Microsoft...?
Psychotica  +   939d ago
I don't trust any company..
DOOMZ  +   939d ago
Read THE PATRIOT ACT, nothing is safe... Don't blame MS, blame the government! ALL companies are subject to this...
cleft5  +   939d ago
Better yet, blame people who say they don't mind intrusive technology or surveillance because they have nothing to hide.
aiBreeze  +   938d ago
Or the idiots who don't even take a moment to reflect on latest revelations in the news and instead would rather concentrate their focus on the latest goings on in reality tv or the latest dress some random Kartrashian was seen wearing.
Sadist3  +   939d ago
People crack me up. They say, don't trust Microsoft, but I bet they use Facebook, Twitter, write emails, and text on cellphones because I'm PRETTY SURE those devices/properties aren't MONITORED. Do people even use their brains anymore? Or do they just blurt out statements without thinking?
Sadist3  +   939d ago
When I play my Xbox, I don't think about Microsoft. When use my iPhone, I don't think about Apple. When I play my PS, I don't think about Sony. When I watch my TV, I don't think about Samsung. I only think about the experience, the entertainment I'm getting. When you watch a movie, do you say "Aw man, I love Paramount! They're the best! I don't trust movies under 20th Century Fox!" No, you only care about the movie you're watching. Same as consoles, don't care about if its Microsoft, Sony....if Disney made a console that had hot games, I'd be rocking on that too. The only thing that's matters is how much you enjoy the product. The company, it doesn't matter if they cooperate with the government of this country or not. Has nothing to do with the game I'm playing.
insomnium2  +   938d ago
Ummm... but we are talking about the negative experiences here right?
level 360  +   939d ago
I tell you why are you getting all these stupid call-centers advertising for some products?

Because you have been monitored through possibly just by going on-line.

The moment we all go on-line we are being monitored.

The moment our mobile phones gets switched on we are being monitored.

Once you're jacked-in/switched-on the monitoring starts.
RedHawkX  +   939d ago
kinect is gonna be monitoring us even more then ever before. well not me because i dont buy stupid, weak, and overpriced troll consoles like the xbox one.
RedHawkX  +   939d ago
I never trusted microsoft in the first place. only idiots do. ms has had so much bad monopolys and other things they done that to back them basicalaly makes you a criminal as well. Ms probably the worst company out there and fits the big corporation will destroy us all model. they are the ones who created that model.
krazykombatant  +   938d ago
lool wut?
0pie  +   939d ago
why people blame ms when apple do the same thing?
badkolo  +   939d ago
becuase some people are closed minded children
lastofgen  +   939d ago
I don't understand why the author is singling out microsoft in his title...

Didn't we see a leaked piece showing that apple, google, microsoft, and several other companies were with the prism/nsa thing?? It just seems as if the author has a thing against microsoft only.
Software_Lover  +   938d ago
Because it's console release time. Notice that most of the comments are cemented around the Kinect, or the XBone. This is the agenda. I bet they either have an Iphone or an Android device. Everything is monitored and stored on servers. Have you seen the new Google Motorola phone? Voice commands always on!!! So does that mean it's always listening and recording? But they get a pass because in the shallow mind of these people it's ps4 vs microsoft.
Sarobi  +   939d ago
I don't trust any corporation for the matter. But since this is spotlighting Microsoft.. I DEFINITELY DON'T TRUST THEM.
ChrisW  +   938d ago
Seriously! Only people with things to hide should be concerned. I don't care what the NSA does, they don't bother me with their invisible dragnet. But the whiny pukes that piss and moan about "Big Brother" do!!!
madpuppy  +   938d ago
when the heck was it possible to them trust in the past?!?! An unrepentant, convicted monoplist that would say or do anything to sell broken products and crush any competition in any way possible, legal or otherwise.

you can trust them, I will use Linux, BSD and be safe.
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fatstarr  +   935d ago
Apple, google, yahoo, microsoft.... every company in the top 10 tech cant be trusted.

if you signed some 30 page tos they cant be trusted. the only way to be safe is to be a hobbit and not do anything.

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