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Russian rocket crash blamed on parts installed upside down

Vyralize: Incorrectly installed sensors have been blamed for the crash of a Russian Proton-M launched on July 2nd, 2013. (Hi-tech)

Tzuno  +   686d ago
Go ahead and type Russians on you tube. have fun.
vulcanproject  +   685d ago
Last time they'll use Australian contractors
fatstarr  +   685d ago
lmao, this is gonna be in a skit
hazelamy  +   685d ago
Kerbal Space Program does not actually show you how to build a real rocket guys. o_O
ChrisW  +   685d ago
I wonder if they used Chinese technicians to install it...
Jeebus  +   685d ago
To think a "This side up" sticker could have saved it.

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