Google keeps losing market share in China

AmongTech: Google, being the most used search engine in the EU, US and UK now only has 2% of the market share in China while Baidu has 69% of the market.
Google ranks 5th in the top 10 list of search engines in China, still ahead of Bing and Yahoo.

However Google does own 67% of the EU, UK and US market and has over 5 billion searches a day, while Baidu with over 69% of the Chinees market has 3 billion searches a day

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Hrasda1657d ago

Wauw, keeping in mind that there are over 1.3 billion chinees people Baidu is crushing google!

hiooanl1657d ago

interesting topic, would approve if i could

Thom12341657d ago Show
DOOMZ1656d ago

Nationalism at its finest! Something we should learn...

NumOnePS3FanBoy1655d ago

hopefully you're not from the U.S because that's the last thing that I would want because this country will become more 'Murica and we know that the U.S is basically the biggest hypocrite on the planet

mmj1656d ago

Is there an English version of Baidu?

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