Intel Gaming PC Build 2013 | High Performance

TechNutz: This guide will focus on building the best high performance Intel gaming PC without killing your wallet. Intel has taken the CPU performance crown for quite some time now with it’s brutally efficient architecture and IPC (instructions per clock). You pay a premium however for this type of performance vs. buying an AMD based system. I have received quite a few requests lately regarding an Intel gaming PC build for around $1500. You can get really awesome performance with this kind of budget and I will update this post monthly so you get the best deal and best hardware combinations. You want a great Intel gaming PC … so let’s build one.

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kevnb1763d ago

I would never spend that much just for gaming.

Tzuno1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

i3 3220 is hyper threaded and pair it with a hd 7770 and go ultra on battlefield 3. keep in mind that i3 is dual core and still kicks ass. the cost of these 2 under 300$.

thorstein1763d ago

Yet, apparently you have time for inane comments that serve no purpose?

Obamanationn1763d ago

ddr4 will be introduced soon , may wanna hold out

MooseWI1763d ago

I don't think it will be mainstream that quick?

No_Pantaloons1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

DDR4 is not soon. Its definitely not coming to Ivybridge-E, which is this year. No report has said its even likely on broadwell and that's questionable next year since the leaked roadmap shows a haswell refresh 2014. Haswell-E is the most likely which is more than a year away.