What if Xbox One is Another Windows 8?

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows- While hard-core gamers are freaking out because Microsoft mentioned the word “TV” about a million times during last week’s Xbox One reveal event but barely touched on games, I think the company’s next console has a much bigger issue. It’s very possible that the Xbox One, by trying to be all things to all people, will simply be yet another Windows 8. And that is not what Microsoft needs right now.

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Settler2138d ago

If I tell the truth, I hate this phrase :-/

proudly_X2138d ago

What is wrong with windows 8?

Doctor_Freeman2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

If we're just talking talking Windows 8 here, I don't think there's anything wrong with 8. I've used 7 for about a year before ungrading to 8 a couple months ago and in my opinion its a better OS all around.

All one needs is "classic shell" and it is 7 but better.

I think most people jump on band wagons too soon before trying something out. Its hard sometimes, but we just need to open our minds to new things.

SilentNegotiator2137d ago

Here we go again. "Only people who like W8 have given it a chance! Have an open mind!" comment number five million and two.

KingPin2136d ago

i say the same thing about linux over a few times

but people have tried it and it doesnt work for them. doesnt mean they dont have an open mind or giving it a chance. they just found something that works to their liking elsewhere.

yes, under the hood everything might be vastly improved but the UI sucks. trust me, i tried it...hated it. its like having a performance car that looks like a 1973 VW beetle and saying " i know it looks like ass, but its better than a lambo. just have an open mind on how it looks and grow used to it, you'll love it".

kingPoS2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

It was a forced change that rubbed many the wrong way. People like having choices. They could of kept the OG start menu as an option, instead they buried it entirely. People missed it so much, 3rd parties brought it back. Some for free even.

krazykombatant2137d ago

Actually, if you see the pictures circling around from the gameplay booth at E3 you'll see xbox one is a windows 7 PC with nvidia graphics cards. ;p

Pillsbury12137d ago

It already is another windows 8.

glenn19792137d ago

I don't know what's wrong about windows 8?? I love it and you can switch it to normal way

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The story is too old to be commented.