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Why Must You Learn and Use Ubuntu Linux

Geeker Magazine- Ubuntu is a extensively popular open-source Linux distribution with eight years of maturity under its belt, and more than 20 million users 5 percent of desktop OSs accounted for by Linux, one survey suggests that 50%are Ubuntu.

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Speed-Racer2136d ago

Still waiting to find out why I should use it.

Settler2136d ago

You write this comment...after reading this article???

Speed-Racer2136d ago

Yup. Care to prove differently?

KingPin2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

its free.
its functional
its virus free
its stable
its faster
the apps are free
the apps are functional
its one click updater for the OS and every installed OS
it can run any windows app with wine/playonlinux

using different distro of linux <mint to be exact> you can bring any old, low resource pc back to life for your every day work like browsing internet or viewing documents and it will still be the most updated OS.

if after reading this, you still need reasons to use linux, then maybe linux isnt for you.

you can repair windows installations
you can use it as a live cd to back up all data if your windows has completely crashed.

caseh2135d ago

As much as I agree with what you have said, for the average user a Linux distro is limiting.

I had to use it (admittedly a few years back) on an old PC as I couldn't source Windows at the time. Functionality wise, it barely touches on what Windows and even iOS offers.

If there is a need to emulate a Windows environment on it then yo are kind of defeating the object if insisting on using a Linux distro.

KingPin2135d ago

ubuntu has come a long way from what it used to be.
you should give 13.04 a run and see the progression its made. you'd be surprised how it literally kills windows 8.
i only started using ubuntu full time in the last 2 years and for a FREE product that does everything i want it to, i wouldnt complain.

the need to emulate windows is not there coz its dependent on windows, it just gives you a reason not to go back to windows. you looking at it all wrong. you seeing it as if "why must i switch to linux if its emulating windows" instead of looking at it "why should i switch to windows if linux can use all windows apps and its own."