Android Console Similar To Mobile Phones And Different From Traditional Consoles

Webmuch: Android is now coming up with a new console. The console of Android is on the way of evolving as a technological advancement. It’s time for the users to experience a model that is new in current times. The reason for this new innovation is that, the company has always kept itself updated. The advice and feedback received from the developers and gamers have contributed a lot to it. This speech was given by Julie Uhrman, the CEO of OUYA at E3 conference.

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Cueil2108d ago

my wife's phone is more powerful then this... though it did cost more

SilentNegotiator2108d ago

A device that you paid more for is more powerful?

Cueil2107d ago

the point is that this has no place hooked up to my TV when I could just as easily hook the phone to the TV