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Submitted by proudly_X 974d ago | opinion piece

6 Dying Microsoft Products - Is It Time For Ballmer To Take A Break?

ThatNaijaBlog - Google and Apple seem to have got the future very much on their palms, while other mega tech companies like Yahoo play catch up. Yahoo's relevance hit a sudden decline a couple of years ago until the emergence of Marissa Mayer who looks set to turn the company's hard-times to good fortune. (Gadgets, Industry, Services, Software, Web)

In2iti0n  +   975d ago
Ah, Ballmer... God, does that guy get on my nerves.
proudly_X  +   975d ago
What Microsoft needs is someone who is tech swavy
a_squirrel  +   973d ago
The sad thing is that half of these were forced onto users (IE, Outlook and Bing) and still did terribly.

Outlook was a great refresh, but too little too late.

Bing has a nice look for it's maps, but too late, and now google has matched it with their new maps.

And IE is integrated with Windows, so... Part of the reason why I love chrome is there's no messing with getting the default search to be Google again.
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aviator189  +   974d ago
From that list, the only dead is zune. The others are showing yoy signs of growth and the xbox one isn't even out yet...

Poorly written article..
proudly_X   974d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(5)
Soldierone  +   974d ago
It still isn't as great as it used to be. These are "showing improvements" because they have slid so far downhill.

Google is killing MS in almost every field they fight in. Outlook is almost irrelevant in the business field now. Windows Phone has been "improving" forever, yet still doesn't hold even a third of the market at all. Zune is a huge flop because MS screwed over all the people that supported it.

Bing is getting TONS of marketing, yet still only holds 16 percent of the search market. And IE has been decreasing ever since Mozilla and Google did things way better.

And don't forget while MS is trying desperately to take over all these markets, they are letting the markets they do control slip too.... Examples Windows and MS Office. Next on the list seems to be Xbox, since for some reason Microsoft is too cool to listen to the people actually buying the products. Don't tell them that, they know what we want......

I don't agree with the article entirely, but I do agree there needs to be change because MS is not as dominant as it once was.
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SouthClaw  +   974d ago
Just a stupid article really. Take emotion out of it and present the facts sounds like somebody who has a real hate for Microsoft. Pathetic.
forum67  +   974d ago
Agreed ! I think techspy and n4g should include troll wannabe website ban list.
Speed-Racer  +   973d ago
Instead of complaining about it, you are free to peruse the pending section and manage from time to time.
jerocarson  +   974d ago
When the writer said he loved Windows 8, he was crucified here. Today, he bashes some of MS products and he is called pathetic.. The word hypocrisy wouldn't be out of place here.

All his points are with verifiable facts, I wonder why you can't read or just too lazy to click the links. :-p
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dcbronco  +   974d ago
Yes, Microsoft will disappear soon. I don't even believe those financial statements that come out each year that show record profits. I wonder why that is because Nosa E Nosa says that their products aren't performing well and have been surpassed by others in the market. Where the hell is all of that money coming from? And you know when a product hasn't even hit the market yet and a very small portion of a relatively small group doesn't like it, it's doomed. Forget that huge mainstream market that might like it. Remember the Wii, nobody bought that thing. Gamers hated it.

Wow, I can't believe Microsoft is almost gone. And to think all we hear in the business news is that Sony stock is trading at junk bond status and they might have to split the company to raise money. But I'm betting on Nosa E Nosa.

Boy, I could really use a reaction from that guy on the AT&T commercials with the kids.
jerocarson  +   973d ago
Lol, I like the ending part of your comments
Speed-Racer  +   973d ago
Outlook? Really? It's an excellent platform as of late. Windows Phone is just as good as well. The author has no idea what he is talking about. The Xbox One qualifies as a fail but lighten up.
Pillsbury1  +   973d ago
Hey Xbox One
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………………..,/ ¯../
………………./ …./
…………./´¯/ ’…’/ ´¯ ¯`·¸
………./’/…/…./ ……./- \
……..(‘(…´… ´…. .~/…’)
………\……………. .’….. /
……….\……….. .... _.·´
…………\…………. .(
…………..\……… ….\
Speed-Racer  +   973d ago
DOOMZ  +   973d ago
XBOX ONE will be amazing, just watch!
jerocarson  +   973d ago
except if Microsoft listen to the voices of gamers and not telling them to get an Xbox 360 if they don't have internet. At a cheaper price and one year advantage, the 360 couldn't still surpass PS3, Imagine what will happen to the one considering the fact that is $100 more expensive. If it had the Apple logo stamped on it, I would have clicked "Agree" on your comment.
level 360  +   973d ago
What the hell?!.. there are still people out there using Internet Explorer?!??
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Agent_hitman  +   973d ago
lol Steve ballmer should step down from MS.

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