Want a Million Likes on Facebook? It's All About the Reshares

Mashable: Remember that time a couple of Norwegian 20 year-olds posted a picture to Facebook? Sure you do. The one where the girl, Catherine, agreed to have sex with her friend Peter if the picture got a million Likes?

It turned out to be a joke for the benefit of the pair's friends. Still, the picture zoomed past a million Likes in less than a day. Now the story has become a subject of an academic white paper by a trio of Facebook data scientists. The paper investigates how this picture, along with a similarly viral posting from President Obama, made the big time.

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In2iti0n2106d ago

Great. Now every jerk who wants to "grow their audience" will write SHARE (all capps, of course) before the write LIKE on everything they post. I really hate that they think people can't or won't like or share without being told to do so.