Does Samsung make too many phones and tablets?

Which? Tech Daily: Want to buy a Samsung phone or tablet? Can’t decide which one is right for you? That’s no surprise, we’ve discovered the South Korean manufacturer has a product range that looks like Argos catalogue with an incredible 26 touchscreen devices.

We rounded up all the Samsung phones and tablets on sale in the UK, from the Galaxy S4 to the Galaxy Note 8.0, and collated them all together in an eye-raising infographic below.

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fatstarr2107d ago

I believe samsung made too many, but in a sense its a good thing, over saturating the market but with a specific device that fits someones random style was a good move.

it beats the one size fits all mentality on the apple side of things. everyone wants to be different and samsung gave them the keys. + mixed with the 1000 android devices on the market. I think they did the job well.