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UK ISPs Secretly Start Blocking Torrent Site Proxies

TorrentFreak- Several UK Internet providers have quietly added a list of new sites to their secretive anti-piracy blocklists. Following in the footsteps of Sky, the first ISP to initiate a proxy blockade, Virgin, BT and several other providers now restrict access to several torrent site proxies. The surprise isn’t really that proxies have been added to the blocklist, but that the music industry and ISPs are failing to disclose which sites are being banned.

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Settler2140d ago

I wonder if this will ever be extended to VPN's

Yi-Long2139d ago

... people will just go back to those old days of 'trading' with 'that neighbour' or 'that classmate', probably spending money for a copied file.

... and when people start paying eachother again for copied entertainment, that money goes out of their budget, meaning that's less money to spend on legal entertainment.

Pretty much every study shows that 'piracy' actually INCREASES sales, and that 'pirates' spend more on their legal entertainment, than those people who don't.

You have to wonder why the industries are still so intent on fighting this so-called 'problem', when in reality it isn't a real problem at all. Quite the opposite.