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Sony Wins The Next-Gen Console War (Or At Least My Heart) In Just 22 Seconds

TechCrunch: While Microsoft busies itself trying to explain away a series of really bad decisions, Sony swoops in with a perfectly executed haymaker straight to the chin.

Really though, Microsoft: When the competition is getting standing ovations at their press conference by simply not doing what you’re doing, it… might be time to reconsider your strategy.

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Nucky2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Poor Microsoft. They should back away from the gaming industry for a while.

fatstarr2141d ago

LOL the animated gif of this makes my day

Nucky2141d ago

Exactly. I tried to post it here in the comment, but obviously TechSpy's web service just fetches it as a normal image without the animated part.

That's a shame, since that animated gif tells the complete story. No additional words needed.

In2iti0n2141d ago

The song in the background really adds the context to the message the animation conveys.

Me likes it. :)

fatstarr2141d ago

they won this years battle, with their conference. now hopefully they get sales this time around.

Nucky2141d ago

Well, they definitely got me. That's a start, isn't it? :)

Anarki2140d ago

What do you mean? Sony have already surpassed Microsoft in terms of sales for their PS3 system.

fatstarr2139d ago

sony just caught up to Microsoft in 2012. they are neck and neck in sales this gen.

when I say I hope they get sales means, they dont have to wait 4 years to break 40mill. hopefully its a asap purchase for people and they launch better than the ps3.

CraigandDayDay2140d ago

I preordered that night. As have probably hundreds of thousands of other people. The PS3 just surpassed the 360 by the way, Fatstarr. It came out $200 more expensive and came out a year later and STILL ended up selling more. Don't sleep on Sony and PlayStation. Plus, they learned from all their mistakes and made the PS4 the way it should be. And Sony learned from the mistakes that MS is making with the Xbox One and did exactly the opposite of what they're doing.