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PlayStation 4's price and DRM policies not made in response to Xbox One, Sony exec says

Polygon - The PlayStation 4's price and DRM policies were welcome announcements to those watching Sony's E3 press conference, but they weren't created in response to the same policies for Xbox One, Sony VP of Worldwide Studios Scott Rohde told Polygon in an interview earlier tonight.

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fatstarr2141d ago

it sure seemed that way.

it was like a real time internet form and user A went on the attack with facts leaving user b defenseless and left with the truth.

CraigandDayDay2141d ago

They were probably not planning on doing it even before the Xbox was shown off. Sony are much less anti-consumer than Microsoft.

SouthClaw2140d ago

Really? How is OtherOS working out right now for PS3? Oh yeah they removed it... very consumer friendly. Quick to forget the about of problems Sony caused consumer this generation. The amount of security problems with the PS3 is astonishing. People talk about Microsoft spying on you. Did you know that when you log onto your PS3 every single bit of possible information is transmitted or at least was when I was interested in the PS3 scene.

I don't know what Sony are doing these days if they have cut that off or actually decided to protect that information instead of transmitting it over the internet unsecured. Just so you know that information includes things like your full name, address, card details, dob, what games you have played, psn id, your history etc. So yes Sony really care about their customers...

I also find it funny how people who hated on Microsoft for Xbox Live Gold and love Sony for their PSN saying it was great that nobody had to pay to play online... oh what have Sony done now? Oh yeah you have to have PSN+ to play on the PS4. Why? It's because they screwed up at the start and didn't think their PSN through.

They wanted what Microsoft had but because they threw their network together very last minute that they didn't have time to implement PSN+ from the start.

MoonConquistador2140d ago

Where did you pull that crap from South?

What next, it was Jack Tretton on the grassy knoll?

Give it a rest

Sy_Wolf2140d ago

Obvious troll is obvious.

PsnGammer212140d ago

But ps+ taking long to implement into psn has made it hundred times better and yes needing plus for online sucks but at least if you don't pay for it then you can still play free to play games and use streaming services like Netflix but you can't do that with xbl also does xbl give you 20 free games when u sign up hmm I don't think so but good fight bro :)

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Shani2140d ago

Sony: Hey, we didn't plan it as response to Microsoft. But we didn't want to miss this opportunity.

Legion2140d ago

Really? "price and DRM policies not made in response to Xbox One"? Price... ok a given. They would have mentioned the price regardless. But DRM? Come on... at what point in Sony's thought process did they think... "Hey I bet the consumers want to know if we have any DRM restrictions." They directly mentioned any restrictions and their little loaning of games video in response to Ms reports already given out. No doubts about it.

Liars like they always have been. "Who...? Us? No way... we are the good guys... cough cough... did we mention we are charging for multiplayer now too?"

Serg2140d ago

That's not at all what they mean with this, the entire point went right over your head.

They stated this months ago already, in February, right after the PS4 reveal, that there will be no restrictions and no always-online.

They clearly mentioned all of that in their press conference in response to Microsoft, but they haven't changed their strategy because of Microsoft, and that is what they are saying.

KwietStorm2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

The RESPONSE on stage was literally in reaction to Microsoft, but the idea not to implement it was not. They were never going that route. Microsoft made the decision on their own, probably to make nice with publishers complaining about used games, and it has already been corroborated by third party execs like Peter Moore in interviews.

ElitaStorm2140d ago

who cares, they did a good job telling the fans what what the ps4 did