How Dangerous Is a Terrorist with a Twitter Handle?

Foreign Policy- Curiously, Twitter still appears outside the grasp of the NSA's PRISM program, which gathers information from major U.S. Internet companies. But a group of lawmakers are concerned that the popular microblogging service has become too hospitable an environment for terrorist groups. The platform hosts a number of official feeds for terrorist groups, including Somalia's al-Shabab, the North African al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Syria's Jabhat al-Nusra, the Taliban, and Hamas.

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FRAKISTAN2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

So terrorists have no freedom of speech? and why only Muslim so called terrorist groups are listed there?

and when was HAMAS declared a terrorist group you bigot?

Legion2109d ago

Just because you don't identify it as a terrorist roup doesn't mean others don't:

FRAKISTAN2109d ago

yah 9 out 11 countries listed their don't designate it as a terrorist organization.

anyways my point was that the website foreignpolicy is read worldwide and its sharing a view which so few have and that inly on the insistence of the real biggest terrorist isreal

Legion2109d ago


First off it is 8 of 11 if you were actually counting correctly.

Seeing that UN is not a country and doesn't designate ANYONE as terrorists. France only has a single entity listed as a terrorist organization 'Saor Éire'. China, Russia and Turkey care little about anything that does not directly attack them.

Leaving 50% of the major influences designating them as a terrorist organization.

But with that said... very few terrorist organizations are listed by more then 3 countries. Even the 'Abu Sayaf' that kidnaps people for ransom, blows up buses and Malls, and beheads their kidnapped hostages that don't pay... is only designated by 4 countries as a terrorist organization. What more do we need to convince people they are terrorists?

And much fewer people hold the view that Israel is a terrorist organization... so where is your point there?