ADATA Shows Off SX2000 SSD: 1.6TB Capacity, 1.8 GB/s Transfer Rate

Custom PC Review - While many companies are showing off their latest and greatest products here at Computex Taipei 2013, one of the companies showing off an extra cool piece of kit here is ADATA. Now, we generally don’t cover enterprise drives often, but with ADATA’s new line of enterprise SSDs, one particular drive caught my eye – the ADATA SX2000. As you can see above, the casing on the SX2000 makes it look like a typical SSD, but what first caught my eye is the crazy capacity and formfactor – 1,600GB (1.6TB) on a 2.5″ drive. Now high capacity SSDs do already exist in the enterprise market, but what makes this drive extra special is in the spec sheet.

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