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Samsung Electronics loses $12 billion market value on smartphone worries

(Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co lost $12 billion in market value on Friday, hit by brokerage downgrades that have underscored concerns about slowing sales of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone.

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Settler2145d ago

I guess, they're practically broke.

NewMonday2144d ago

the Android competition is coming from all corners:

- very cheap chines phones
- attractive mid-range phones from LG and Sony
- strong design and standout features on the high end with the HTC1x(design+build+speakers) and XperiaZ(design+build+waterproo f+first to the market)

In2iti0n2145d ago

This proves that no one company is intouchable.

Heavenly King2145d ago

that is what happens when you become an arrogant greedy bastard and stop caring about customers.

In2iti0n2145d ago

It seems that all companies come to that stage eventually. Microsoft, Apple, now Samsung...

dkgshiz2145d ago

I really don't see the big whoop with the S4 or any of the galaxy phones. What I really don't like is the build quality of them. Compared to my Sony Xperia Z it feels like a childs toy when holding it. Sure it has the best specs compared to any other phone but it feels so cheap.

CraigandDayDay2144d ago

Agreed. The Xperia Z and the HTC One X are much better quality-wise than the S4.

badkolo2145d ago

huh, s4 sold over 10mill in amonth, better then s3, the numbers are excellent

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The story is too old to be commented.