The MacBook's Most Underrated Feature

Gizmodo: The original concept for the MagSafe was simple. It would eliminate the risk of some idiot (or more often than not, just you) tripping over the cord and flinging your laptop off of your desk. Sometimes you'd catch it. Other times you'd have a slightly crunchier PowerBook. And so, when Steve Jobs showed it off in the 2006 MacBook Pro unveiling, that's what he focused on. Fewer broken laptops, everyone's life is easier.

Except, that's not exactly the way that the MagSafe as a fundamentally great thing experience has played out.

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Nucky2115d ago

I actually rarely use this "underrated" feature found in MacBooks.

In2iti0n2115d ago

I believe this is not a MacBook exclusive "feature" we are talking about here.

Nucky2115d ago

It actually is. They were the first ones having it, at least.

In2iti0n2115d ago

Sure, but the article itself says that the other companies such as Toshiba and Google's Pixel are doing it too.