Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Worth All the Hype?

Fernando Blanco of Electric Avenue Inc said - "One of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S4, is selling out like hotcakes. In fact, South Korean tech giant Samsung has reported that the device, which is dubbed the new flagship Android cell phone, has sold out in record time and even faster than its predecessor, the Galaxy S III. "

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fblan0012149d ago

its nothing but cheap plastic and a dead battery, no that's not what I'm saying, but it does bother me that after all this time they found a way to break more things than they actually fixed.

r1sh122149d ago

Its the best phone on the market.
This build quality nonsense is stupid.
THe tensile strength of polycarbonate is similar to aluminium.

Im not sure what was broken, my s4 runs smooth.
Ive rooted it and removed some bloatware and its a little faster because of that.

Software_Lover2149d ago

The S4 is plastic, just like the s3. Jhe original Galaxy S line was great.

r1sh122149d ago

Im not denying that.
But think about how thin the 'metal' in apple phones is.
Seriously build quality arguments are stupid, the majority of cars have plastic bodies.
People complain for the sake of complaining.

steven83r2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Seriously what matters most is what's inside not the build quality first. Sure Sammy is Plastic but it's a bad ass phone. And Iphone is Metal but software is boring and the same since 07. Cars today are cheap plastic. Even $100k cars use cheap plastic. Are you willing to pay more for metal casing?

Nucky2148d ago

It does feel like a cheap phone. But it's not.

fblan0012149d ago

Actually there are a handful of features about the android that i do like and I take back my previous comment, the photography features and the shots are awesome, and the sharing versatility is also pretty kool.