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Gamer's News Network -- Razer is known for it's high quality gaming gear and they're innovating more than ever before. A while back they released the basic Razer Blade, but now it's due for a little upgrade. Starting today, June 3rd, you'll be able to take pre-orders on the new Razer Blade and the Razer Blade Pro. The Pro version will have some major differences from the normal and will be better suited for those more hardcore laptop computer gamers. The Razer Blade was designed for games in mind and their hardware is good enough to back it up too. Ranging from the Solid Slate Drives (SSD) all the way to Future 4th Gen Intel Processor. Both systems are incredibly thin as well with the Blade being just 0.66 inches, which is smaller than the height of a dime, and the Blade Pro being just 0.88 inches.

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