Apple, betrayed by its own law firm

Ars Technica- When a company called FlatWorld Interactives LLC filed suit against Apple just over a year ago, it looked like a typical "patent troll" lawsuit against a tech company, brought by someone who no longer had much of a business beyond lawsuits.

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Settler1961d ago

After reading a whole article I feel that, Apple wasn't betrayed by the law firm, but by a lawyer at that firm

kingPoS1961d ago

It's slowly being crushed by it's own weight - the patent system.

Like a badly fragmented HHD, the system needs to be reformatted.

Settler1961d ago

Totally agree with you mate

fatstarr1960d ago

what goes up must come down, when the students surpass the "master" ... all things that are going down.

ps3_pwns1961d ago

what goes around comes around.

steven83r1961d ago

Well the new patent system is perfect for the biggest troll of all..Apple. It no longer matters that you had the tech first. Who ever patents it first gets it. Which sucks for the little guy who can't pay over 10 grand for a patent. And these dumb ass judges (Koh) seem to think its not about who invented it first but about who made it popular first.

hesido1961d ago

Does the new system deny prior art invalidating new patents?

level 3601961d ago

Believe those said lawyer/s ( who also had free access ) did some research about patent infringement, asked around, saw some loopholes.. then thought ( greedily ), we can make a lot of money out of this.

Think they simply went overboard with their careers on this one.