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Nokia Lumia 521 Hardware Review by Gaming on Batteries

Gaming on Batteries' Triverse writes, "The specs of the 521 include the aforementioned (anemic?) 512 megs of RAM and 1 GHZ Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 8 gigs of internal memory (okay, that is quite low for todays market) and a 4″ 480×800 IPS screen. Also there is a 5 mega pixel forward facing camera but no flash, as mentioned earlier in this review. For comparisons sake, the iPhone 4 has a slightly higher resolution, but smaller, retina display and also carries a 5 mega pixel camera and 512 megs of RAM and comes in 8 gig models also (though of course, there are higher capacity versions available). The iPhone 4 is running a single core 1 GHZ A4 while the 521 is running a dual core Qualcomm."

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