PS4 & Xbox One: Battlefield 4 Designer Thinks Gen4 Belongs To Sony, John Carmack Remains Neutral

GamingBolt - It’s no surprise that Microsoft got the wrath of gamers for showing no gameplay footage and once again heavily emphasizing on Kinect and Xbox One’s multimedia and social capabilities. The only thing they did right was showing the box itself. Sony on the other hand showed off the games, the technicalities behind the PS4 architecture but not the console itself.

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-Mezzo-2121d ago

As of now, Microsoft is very far behind from Sony. But i am willing to give them another chance at this years E3, hope they manage to stop being an A@@ and make us ( Gamers ) happy,...for one.

og1kenob2120d ago

How can Microsoft have 20 billion n revenue (2012)and not be ahead

kingPoS2120d ago

Allot of that has to with the direction Microsoft appeared to be headed in from the conference reveal.

Some fans felt like they were being used to target another demograph.

dcbronco2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Used? Ohh, you mean like with Blu-ray. Didn't Sony call that a Trojan Horse.

level 3602119d ago

Hope to see and read all speculations, additional late add-on features for both consoles at E3.

kingPoS2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Yes! It's kinda like that. There's a difference this time around. Microsoft upcoming console doesn't seem to function as a DVR on it own. You've got to admit, 500gb is not a whole lot to work with considering today's HDTV programing.