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AMD Gaming PC Build 2013 | High Performance

TechNutz: This guide will focus on building the best high performance AMD gaming PC without killing your wallet. While Intel gets a lot of the spotlight these days, AMD has solid components that are budget friendly, and offer compelling performance. I have received quite a few requests lately regarding an AMD build for around $1500. You can get a lot of performance with this kind of budget and I will update this post monthly so you get the best deal and best hardware combinations. You want a great AMD gaming PC … so let’s build one .

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Agent_hitman2151d ago

AMD FX 8-core based PC is enough for the next 2-3 years for gaming, considering it's a lot more powerful than Jaguar 8-core inside next gen console machines.

garythetechnut2151d ago

I agree. I hope AMD keeps making innovations to compete with Intel. It would be a sad world indeed with only one choice for a great CPU platform.