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First Leaked Windows 8.1 Screenshot Clearly Shows New Start Button

WinSuperSite: Start button fans, rejoice: Microsoft really seems to have heard your pleas. The start button is back.

There is a leaked screenshot of the new operating system that clearly shows the Start button in its traditional home in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop mode screen. And if you are familiar with how Start 8 looks and works, this will look awfully familiar.

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In2iti0n2152d ago

Seems like it will work.
'Could be good even .. and I can let go of the hate .. let go of the hate .. let go of the hate ..

fatstarr2152d ago

windows 7 until they kick me off

In2iti0n2152d ago

Then you've got a loooong time till they do that, buddy.
I will always have Windows 7 in dual boot, but hey, I like trying new things (even if they sometimes turn out to be crap).

NarooN2150d ago

Apparently Microsoft will support Windows 7 until 2020, so you've got quite some time until that happens ;)

mcstorm2151d ago

I have really enjoyed using Windows 8 on my Work laptop and also on my surface but Windows 8.1 looks like it will make it even better.

badkolo2150d ago

start is back, new features, more options, and 4 windows at once in app mode, oh yeah

DragoonsScaleLegends2150d ago

Start never left just the image of the start button. Even with the new image it still takes you to the metro screen which they are calling the new start screen.

DragoonsScaleLegends2150d ago

I went from Windows XP to Windows 7 and never looked back. Then I went from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and looked back a little until I understood how to use Windows 8. So far Windows 8 has worked great. It's quicker than Windows 7 too. Now do I think that in a business or school type environment Windows 8 is the OS to go for... not really. Unless the metro screen is locked out I think windows 7 is what they need. I don't really like any of the apps in Windows 8 except for Microsoft's solitaire collection games. But every other app works better or maybe it looks better on the desktop screen as a normal program in my opinion than as a app that takes up the whole screen on my desktop computer. Apps might be more useful for mobile devices but not on big screens where you have plenty of space for several programs. Windows 8 get it unless you are old and like old OS's.

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