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Switched On: One box to rule them all

Engadget - When Microsoft introduced the original Xbox, the company had a lot to prove. The console newcomer promised that it was laser-focused on building a great system for games. There wasn't much to distract it. In a time of DVDs and dial-up, "convergence" in the space was focused on the ability for consoles to play back movies rented at Blockbuster.

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-Mezzo-2156d ago

At least someone has something positive to say about Xbox One.

evil_element2155d ago

After big lump sum was paid to their bank account.

forum672155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

The concept of One box is not a sell-off for current market but it will be soon after 2-3 years.

Think about it , very few will say -"I dont want a mp3 , camera in my phone. I dont like all in one"

After the new XBOX comes into the market and the next generation(12-15yrs old kids) will not prefer to have multiple boxes at there home. The concept of all-in-one was/will be a selling point always and not confined to gaming console.

If you want a strict gaming box , get a PC and cut-off the apps you dont want.

Cueil2155d ago

Henry Ford said if asked people what they wanted to get around on they would have told him a faster horse... you don't make stuff people want you make stuff people don't know they want

evil_element2155d ago

Love to have spoken to their product design team on where they got their research to say gamers aren't interested in core gaming principles.

Making second hand games harder to use
Clamping down with DRM protection techniques Regurgitating the same old games 'COD'
Pitching window 8 UI to gamers.
Stalling hardware for the console.

Sounds like they aren't really thinking of the end user anymore, same way Windows 8 design team forgot about their end user.

Cueil2154d ago

gamers have been eating it up on PC... assuming that we get equal treatment on both sides of the online drm like Steam most will be fine with it... also used games has been cleared up more .. you'll be able to trade in your game

evil_element2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Steam library and store uses the 1/2 of the DRM that console actually use.

Steam games can be installed in any number of machines.

Steam games do not require to be online.

Many of steam games allow modification of the file structure. That's how Dayz was created from Arma II.

The story with Xbox One used games are you buy a used game and pay a fee = to that of the actual price of the game. i.e u buy second hand game and pay its market value as new.

So you paid $20 second hand for it and then pay $59.99 fee. That's Microsoft logistics.

Which destroys the second hand market.