What if the Kinect One/V2 Got Busted? No More Xbox One?

Malek Teffaha of Tech-Ticker, "The new generation is here. Wii U Vs Xbox One Vs PS4. The most recently revealed, was of course Microsoft’s Xbox One. Among the reactions from both the press and the consumers, there has been a mix of both good and bad. Those who adored the new focus on entertainment as a whole versus those who shrugged it off for the lower importance and focus on gaming. No used-games without re-paying the original price, confusion around having to login every 24 hours, mandatory Kinect connection among many others mark a portion of the problems users have been complaining about. An opinion piece is coming up soon enough.

I have a question about the Kinect though, one I have yet to see anyone address. Of course, setting aside the worry of an always-on and always listening device, what if it got busted? Will I be unable to use my Xbox One until I acquire a new functional peripheral?"

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MikeMyers2122d ago

I would imagine you'd have to buy a new one, kind of like the Gamepad for the Wii U. I would think any new Kinect 2 camera would work, all the data that synchronizes to you would be on the hard drive and the cloud.