HTC considering a vanilla Android HTC One ‘Senseless’ edition

Geek - Following right behind Google’s announcement of the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, it seems HTC is considering a stock Android variant of the One for release in the US.

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-Mezzo-2129d ago

this is good, going with stock Android is never a bad idea.

newsguy2128d ago

stock android is the way to go imo

ScepticTankAvenger2128d ago

Will current HTC One users have the ability to get their's updated to Stock??

AngryEnglish2128d ago

I hope so, only got mine yesterday, u would have held off, but I doubt it

ScepticTankAvenger2128d ago

I actually really like Sense 5 (except for blinkfeed). I just want the option to use stock for any reason. The HTC One is one help of a device.

zeal0us2127d ago

doubt it but you can always go to XDA. They're usually have something or some way to get stock rom.

chadwarden2128d ago

It can't be good marketing to use the word "senseless"

Mohawk-V852128d ago

I agree.. Might as well advertise it as HTC One "Non-sense"