Apple CEO Tim Cook To Senate Panel: 'We Pay All The Taxes We Owe'

Huff Post: The Senate dragged Apple Inc., the world's most valuable company, into the debate over the U.S. tax code Tuesday, grilling CEO Tim Cook over allegations that its Irish subsidiaries help the company avoid billions in U.S. taxes.

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fatstarr2126d ago

they better sink in on every company that tax evades and uses offshore accounting.

and the rest of those companies.

bank of america
Exon and fuel companies are the worst offenders.

the government stomps on the little ants for barely owing 1 dollar in taxes but lets the giant ass elephant companies draining trillions from the economy walk free.

iSpy2126d ago

Apple didn't do anything illegal. They're doing what the tax code allows them to do, same as many other corporations.