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And the study says: Windows 8 users rarely touch Metro apps

PC World - If you were going to sum up Windows 8 in a single sentence, “It’s all about the apps” would do the trick. And that’s why a new study from Soluto, a company that offers a remote troubleshooting tool for Windows PCs, suggests a somewhat stark reality for Microsoft's new-look operating system. (Microsoft, Software, Windows 8)

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-Mezzo-  +   799d ago
You reading this Microsoft,... Learn From It.
Madusha  +   799d ago
Yup. I've never downloaded any apps from the Windows market. However, I love to use the metro start screen as an easy access page for my most used software.
Software_Lover  +   798d ago
Microsoft should've just stuck with their regular windows O.S. and then made a mobile platform, for phones and tablets. Trying to have apps for their main system was just dumb, considering the business world does not care for apps and does not need them. I will say though that I love the Netflix Windows 8 app lol. It is great.

We got Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows phone 8. We should've had Windows 8, and Windows mobile, with the ability to install regular windows 8 on x86 tablets for business users. The interfaces for both should've looked different also, just as the interfaces for OSX and IOS look different. Just to differentiate the two.

Who makes the decisions at Microsoft?
newsguy  +   798d ago
I never use them
pop-voxuli  +   798d ago
Yep, Classic Shell is a must have for Win 8
Sarobi  +   798d ago
I have windows 8 and rarely go into metro.. have a start button installed and boot straight into desktop so.. yeah
steve30x  +   797d ago
I have windows 7 shell installed on windows 8 and it bypasses the startt ui completely.
micbrc  +   798d ago
I have browsed the marketplace and not found anything i would rather use then the traditional desktop apps.
I barely touch the metro apps to be honest the only app i use is Messenger as it allows me to dedicate the 2nd quarter of my screen to the messenger app so i am not constantly resizeing windows etc to use a IM application.
evolution54  +   798d ago
It's true. I love Windows 8 as a traditional desktop but forcing me to go full screen for a metro app is just asking too much.

Why the heck would I need a full screen Bing app just to search? Why the heck would I use the full screen iHeartRadio app when switching and searching for music is so much more easier when in a browser since that's where I'll be a majority of the time anyways?!
Bakkies  +   798d ago
I don't understand metro apps, so you have a taskbar down below and the metro bs on the left. How is having two alienated taskbars simpler or better? How is removing all standard windows functionality from an app an improvement?

The people who green-lighted this should be put in a cell with the guy who created comic sans, and the comedian Denis Dyack.
Doctor_Freeman  +   798d ago
Well I'm currently one Windows 8 and am loving it (just like 7 but better), but I rarely use the metro thingy. Most of my most used programs when opened revert back the classic windows so there's really no point for me to use it.

But they have certainly did a good job of improving upon 7 in my opinion, all I need is a native start button back. My computer cold boots in 10 seconds and all my programs open really fast, I don't even have an ssd yet. I've said this before, Microsoft just needs to give people options of how they navigate through Windows, some just want to keep on using what works. On touch screen devices the metro interface is nice, but for KB&M its not so fluid.
evil_element  +   798d ago
This kills Windows 8 most powerful selling point. The one feature which it believed made it different from any other OS.

Shame they never followed (the trendy techspy hated company Apple ^^ ) with introducing new features and interfaces.

So what should have Microsoft done or used from other successful companies such as Apple?

- Their adverts focus purely on the hardware and not software. (You don't see different adverts showing how to use it).

- Apple have stores where people can try, learn, chat or get their devices fixed/replaced. Microsoft have a few but not enough to stores for everyone i.e cities.

- Microsoft introduce the new metro app functionality too fast and very much forced consumers into learning new way to use the OS. This maybe fine for young users and tech geeks but for older users and business users this is a bridge too far. As re-training people to use it would take too long. (This is a contrast to OSX who still use the original but allow ipad interface through launch pad).

- Microsoft is treating mobile/tablet/desktops all the same. Problem - yes, why - because each platform serves users in different ways.

- Microsoft should stay on one road. What road the Intel road or Arm road, they have split development and risk alienating consumers.

- Microsoft should have had contracts sorted with hardware companies prior to launch.

There is probably many more things which could have helped it launch better than it has. But the damage is done now and even with new update. It will be patchy on users who will update it.
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