The true cost of the ‘Microsoft support’ scam call

Which? Convo: Have you been called by bogus Microsoft support scammers? We’ve heard from readers who’ve been conned into paying hundreds after falling victim. We’ve spoken to Microsoft to find out the scale of the scam.

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Profchaos2129d ago

I have been getting these calls in Australia for the past 6 - 12 months fairly regularly. I love winding them up i once got someone to try and tell me how to turn the pc on for 30 minutes until i told them i was actually using a DVD player they swore at me and hung up.

I am a IT tech with more then a few years in the industry and this scam is nothing new its just a lazy way for them to hijack your pc instead of writing code for hours upon hours attaching it to files and hopeing the users anti virus dosnt pick it up they just make a call and use team viewer or some other freeware and go right in then upload the "virus scanner" as they call it or "pain in the ass virus scanner that has a million attachments in the registry and scamms more info out of my pc then i care to give them"
its just a direct approach to get older less pc literate people infected.

But i do have allot of fun messing with them.