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Submitted by jerocarson 999d ago | opinion piece

Forget Negative PR, Windows 8 Is A Beast

TNB: At first I was skeptical, I had read the rant on the internet and all the conclusion was that Windows 8 was an epic failure, a massive flop. I tried not believe all of it and I tried also not jump into the Windows 8 ship. The scar that Windows Vista left was still very fresh in my memory. (Software, Windows 8)

Madusha  +   999d ago
A little late to the party TNB! However, I fully agree with your opinion. I don't see what all the hate surrounding Windows 8 is about. I've been using it since the pre-release 90 day trial and I'm loving it!

The main complaint is the start menu removal. First off, a few minutes of your time can bring it back ( But why get rid of it? It can be used to your advantage! If done right, the new start menu can be a quick-access button to your most used applications.
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evil_element  +   999d ago
Don't see a website like turning around 60 million + angry Window users. Amazon reviews pretty much spells the success of W8 out.

'Touchscreen tablets only - but still terrible & productivity killer'

What were Microsoft thinking

No way Bill Gates


First step in deprecating desktop applications

I wanted to love Windows 8 but it turned out to be a disaster

Should be called BSOD Windows 8

I want to go to sleep, but I just couldn't do it without first sharing with the world what a piece of junk Windows 8 really is

The list goes on and on.......
jerocarson  +   999d ago
That you hate Windows 8 doesn't mean everyone has to jump into your hate ship.

And there is no proof that all 60 million people using it are angry, I am among that figure and I am completely okay with Windows 8.
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evil_element  +   998d ago
Don't take your frustration out on me about w8. Not like I am lying ^^ Reviews are available to read on

adorie  +   998d ago
The lack of support for applications is the main thing keeping me on W7 ultimate x64.

Also, I don't care for metro.
mcstorm  +   998d ago
@adorie what do you mean the lack of support for applications? Windows 8 pro can use any app windows 7 can its only rt that can't and rt is really a home tablet os.

I have window 8 on my work laptop and I am yet to find an app that dose not work on it even apps that I used with 2000 and xp are working on my work pc.

Windows 8 pro is a very fast and stable os. 30 seconds to reboot my laptop setup the start screen with all your apps pined to it like people did with the task bar and it is also quicker to access the apps via the new start menu than the old one.

As for windows rt I decided to ditch my Moto xoom and get a surface when it came out as for home it is the only tablet os that can replace a pc.

It comes with office can connect to my WiFi printer without any 3rd party device it links with my home server and if I ever need to work from home everything I need to use to carry out my day to day work there is an app or it is able to do it where my android and ios tablet could not replace my home pc. Yes it won't play x32 games but for most people who use a tablet for the web and a pc for documents windows rt will do this for them.

People now a days are giving Microsoft a lot of flack a bout what they are doing but anyone who uses windows 8 windows phone 8 and other services like skydrive office 365, Xbox music ect know that Microsoft's eco system is the best on the market at the moment.
fr0sty  +   998d ago
I'll jump on the hate ship. They make you go around your ass to get to your elbow. You don't take an OS people have spent 20 years getting used to and reconfigure it so nobody who has experience using knows what the hell they are doing. That's just stupid.
trancefreak  +   998d ago
i saw some things i liked about windows 8 but a lot I did not. The operating system is fast and installed in 10 minutes give or take. very cool.

Problem is My music studio software and midi controllers don't all have full support. Although they might in the future well see. Also purchasing WMC separate and having my HD Wintv tuner not working is no go for me. I can't upgrade until these things are corrected otherwise it is a downgrade for me.

Overall I liked the user experience but was a tad lost with not fully understanding the OS layout yet.
Cueil  +   998d ago
Microsoft has mad a living out of completely changing OSes... they've done 3 major upgrades in the UI
Orionsangel  +   998d ago
I agree as well. It works great. One thing I like is that it lets you do what previous windows made it harder to do, which is to factory reset Windows. Before you had to type format in dos or use a Windows disc. This is similar to resetting a mobile device to factory settings.
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a_squirrel  +   999d ago
They did a good job with Windows 8. It's clear to see that they want to move to the ARM processors and this was a good middle ground that did very well considering what happened last transition OS (Vista, 2000)
proudly_X  +   999d ago
I agree with this statement.
a_squirrel  +   998d ago
For those idiots who are disagreeing
Windows Kernel was Monolythic in Windows 98
Windows Kernel (NT) was Hybrid in 2000
Windows Vista was released with many broken packages because they freaking changed so much crap
Windows 8 they had x86 and it's home, they gave ARM it's own right next door. Also, MANY touchscreen related programs and features were added.

So, how in the world is Windows 8 NOT moving towards ARM?! It's cheap, efficient, and they already have a nice catalog of apps for that particular processor.

So either they are working on some sort of x86 emulator, or they will move away from x86 entirely. By the next released they will have a nice app store.

Do I like the new interface? No, I get lost and confused. But do I appreciate the technology behind it? Yes. They made Windows touchable.
aviator189  +   999d ago
I think people are just uncomfortable with a little change.
After using windows 8 for a while, I installed classic shell to see if I would want to revert back to windows 7 or keep classic shell, but I uninstalled classic shell within a week and I just cannot use anything other than the start screen now.

It's efficient, organized (to exactly how I want my programs listed), and very easy on the eyes.
jerocarson  +   999d ago
That's the point. I can't see the use of the start menu, when with one single button I get to see all the programs I want.
r1sh12  +   998d ago
I understand why people do not like windows 8, because the start button has gone.

Windows 8: Start up in like 20 seconds on an 7200rpm drive.
Its much lighter on resource.
Programs seem to open faster, windows aero is gone, does not slow down the OS.
a_squirrel  +   998d ago
Mine is less than 10 seconds from the press of the power button. 1 second for fans to spin up, 3 seconds to get past bios (including 1 sec selection screen), 3 seconds to get to start screen, 2-4 seconds to load desktop.

Kingston Hyper X SSD 120GB
AMD A10 5800K APU @ 4.4GHz
ASROCK FM2A75 Pro4-M Motherboard
G.Skill 8 GB DDR3 @ 2133MHz

And if you don't like the Start Screen, get Start Is Back. It's the best out there, and like $5. So, $20 for upgrade and $5 for start button. Still better than OSX
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r1sh12  +   997d ago
yea, on a 1000 rpm raptor start up goes down to around 10 seconds.
SSD with all the fancy quick boot features manufacturers are putting in the bios - its literally under 5 seconds from off.
At the office we have the samsung 15inch ultra books with 256 SSD, and quick boot.
Its almost instant the way it boots up.

There are quite a few third party software that bring back the start button
ssean227  +   998d ago
I loved the speed of 8 and the file transfers. The only reason I went back to 7 is because win 8 mediacenter did not play nice with me ceton quad tv tuner. I would get no signal detected every other day.
evil_element  +   998d ago
Wouldn't buy Windows 8 even if it came with kittens, its one of the worst OS's created by Microsoft. From the sales and customers reviews the pro's are out weighed by cons.
r1sh12  +   998d ago
thats not true.
If you have not used it, its hard to judge.
Dont forget 8.1 brings back the start button.
SilentNegotiator  +   998d ago
Translation: *with fingers in ears* "Forget what the public thinks about W8! MY opinion is what matters! Hmph! I treasure miniscule performance boosts over smart interface and anyone who doesn't agree isn't invited to my birfday party!"
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T3MPL3TON  +   998d ago
The fact that they released it with that terrible app screen as a first run instead of making it just what it is which is a crappy optional rain-meter instillation is beyond annoying. It was getting sh*tcanned before it even released because nobody liked it. Then they release it and drop an update that does away with it? I uninstalled it and went running back to Win7. It's hilarious to me that people keep flat-out lying about whether or not it's buggy. It's a mess. It has done nothing but prove that every other Windows OS is good. Win9 should be pretty great.
jeenyus  +   998d ago
LOL, what a horrible tiny article from 1 person that happens to like Win 8.
aviator189  +   998d ago
I like windows 8.. :/
jerocarson  +   998d ago
It might be tiny but it contains the truth. Bulky, lying and ranting articles don't help either.. I slept off reading a 3-page article bashing Windows 8 for nothing..
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