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11 pieces of movie technology we wish were real

Vyralize: How many times have you watched a movie and said, “Damn, I wish I had that in real life.” Here are 11 pieces of fictional movie technology we wish were real. (Culture, Hi-tech)

Vyralize  +   340d ago
Wish I had me a holographic display room!
Erudito87  +   339d ago
ive always wanted an omni tool ever since mass effect
Daver  +   339d ago
I hope they are not in the good order. Flying cars over Teleportation? Really?
Racer-X  +   339d ago
I dont think it was necessarily meant to be an ordered list given how some of the stuff is mixed up.
N1251  +   339d ago
Well for the take place in your own dreams part. That does sorta exist. It's called lucid dreaming and I do it every week. :)
segamon  +   339d ago
excellent list.
Maninja  +   339d ago
I really want those amazing windows in Tony's house from the original Iron Man
Xanatos  +   339d ago
no holodeck?

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