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11 pieces of movie technology we wish were real

Vyralize: How many times have you watched a movie and said, “Damn, I wish I had that in real life.” Here are 11 pieces of fictional movie technology we wish were real.

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Vyralize1557d ago

Wish I had me a holographic display room!

SnakeCQC1557d ago

ive always wanted an omni tool ever since mass effect

Daver1557d ago

I hope they are not in the good order. Flying cars over Teleportation? Really?

Speed-Racer1557d ago

I dont think it was necessarily meant to be an ordered list given how some of the stuff is mixed up.

N12511557d ago

Well for the take place in your own dreams part. That does sorta exist. It's called lucid dreaming and I do it every week. :)

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