IGN - Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

IGN - The Galaxy S4 is an ambitious smartphone marred by an overwrought software suite and a cheap design.

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-Mezzo-2132d ago


This was harsh.

Madusha2132d ago

I guess Samsung didn't pay IGN enough.

NewMonday2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

cheap design is the prime persistent complaint complaint about the S4.

HTC one and XperiaZ are the best designed Androids right now.

badz1492130d ago

the design is overused with GS3, Note II and then GS3 Mini. I still can't believed that Sammy stayed with the exact design with their GS4 thus not making it very attractive especially to those owning the 3 models I mentioned above!

I have a GS3 myself but while it's a great phone that does everything great, the speaker is my biggest complaint. it is positioned at the back of the phone thus making EVERYTHING sounds like CRAP! it's great that they moved it to another position on the GS4 but the design is a HUGE letdown for me as when I put them side by side, there is barely any difference and looks "old".

at the moment, I think Xperia Z is the best all around phone out there and I'm thinking of getting 1 myself. HTC One is kinda meh to me.

DoomeDx2131d ago

Yeah! a 7.8 (Almost a solid 8) is very low! /s

KingPin2131d ago

iphone 5 - 9.3

Samsung S4 which uses the iphone 5 as toilet paper
7.8. hmmmmmmmm

definitely didn't pay IGN.

but then again, IGN has a hatred for anything non-american. Console wars they favored the x360 in a lot of reviews over the ps3. nintendo had the highest sales figures with the wii, yet they didn't call it next gen console <like taking a different direction isn't next gen>

Software_Lover2131d ago

It's just a new phone. Now a days, we dont need a yearly refreshing of the same thing. Phones are powerful enough to hold onto for a few years, especially with rooting and custom firmware.

SnakeCQC2131d ago

flagship phones should push specs etc for people who can afford it

KingPin2131d ago

thats why you don't upgrade yearly. you upgrade when your contract expires which is usually 24 months (2 years).

for people who bought the S2 there was no need to upgrade to s3, so they can get the s4 now. for people who bought the s3, they dont need to get the s4, they can get the s5 next year.

you see how that works.
that way every year when people upgrade, they actually getting an upgrade. not a year old phone coz the hardware is good enough for you.

but flagship phones are usually good for 3-4 years. with custom roms, etc. im still rocking an HTC Desire Z (from 2011) and plan to get this phone this year.

NewMonday2131d ago

with Android you don't have to use the same company, and usually it's the competition that bring something new.

Speed-Racer2131d ago

People still trust IGN reviews?

SirBradders2131d ago

Nope i dont even click on their site no more when i see it is them.

sourav932131d ago

What's with everyone coming over the HTC One? Don't get me wrong. It's a brilliant phone. One of the best out there. But other than the premium aluminium finish, what does it have that the S4 doesn't? Other than the finish and possibly the built in speakers, the S4 imo is better than the One in every way.

thebudgetgamer2131d ago

For comparison sake they gave the Iphone 5 a 9.3.

Kakashi Hatake2131d ago

That's hilarious, Iphone is completely closed off. You can't do anything on it without iTunes. No mp3 music site downloads,no movie torrents,you can't install apps from 3rd parties, no widgets, boring interface. It's extremely behind the times. Just goes to show you what reviewers are being paid off.

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