The Most Innovative Employees at Google Aren’t Stanford/MIT grads with Perfect SATs

iDoneThis - Google has long had a reputation for being a place that’s near impossible to get a job if you aren’t a Stanford or MIT grad. They not only asked you for your college GPA, they even asked you what you made on your SAT as a pimple-faced high schooler.

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-Mezzo-2134d ago

So that means, i just might have a shot here.

forum672133d ago

Employment = Getting work done.
You know how to do it better than others , you are hired.

Cueil2132d ago

what they would find if they stretched this out is that eventually people move past the initial pressure of trying to perform up to the standard of their pay and start doing so... or they get demoted/fired... the NFL is a perfect example of this concept.