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Dell's Profits Plunge 79 Percent as PC Maker Mulls Its Future

Maximum PC: Dell's future is as uncertain as it's ever been, and not just because the PC market is in a slump as consumers flock to mobile devices. The other major unknown is whether Dell will ultimately accept Michael Dell's proposed $24.4 billion buyout offer and go private, or if the board will be swayed by Carl Icahn's alternate deal that would keep the company public. As all this unfolds, Dell (the company) is seeing its profits get sucked into a vortex of uncertainty.

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imXify2169d ago

All the PCs in my house are Dell. I'll get a new one but I'll get away from them this time. They just have no appealing pcs and laptops. They are powerful yes...but ugly as hell ( alienware )

fblan0012169d ago

Dell has never been my cup of tea, but their Alenware are awesome, its a love hate relationship on my end, still I would like to think that they will survive even this just because of Alienware.