Google I/O: Looking At The Bigger Picture (Google 2.0)

Everyday Digitals - At a micro-level it would appear Google didn't announce much from the consumer side of things. No new hardware was announced besides the Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock Android. There was no Android 4.3 update, no mention of Google Glass (until the Q&A), the rumored high-resolution Nexus 7 tablet wasn't announced, nor was there a peep about the Nexus 4 or rumored Motorola X phone.

But if you zoom out a bit, the dozens of little pieces Google mentioned at I/O forms a more complete picture. The new API's, developer tools, updated maps, improved search, and Google+ redesign all come together to form a more unified, polished and focused Google than ever before. Some may even go as far to say we've entered into a Google 2.0 era.

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EverydayDigitals2133d ago

Surprised that so many Android fans were down on Google I/O.