New Galaxy S4 ad trashes Apple: iPhone is so old

CNET: Having gotten over its tame international launch of the S4, Samsung's American arm resumes its denigration of Apple, suggesting only old folks own an iPhone.

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Madusha1818d ago

If iOS 7 doesn't impress me, goodbye apple! Hello Samsung Galaxy S4.

KingPin1818d ago

its not just the software, its hardware as well.

apple don't have a lot of what samsung puts in their phones but has the nerve to charge you the same amount.

no thanks.
Apple can suck it until they come out with the holographic stuff i seen floating the web.

Madusha1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

There hasn't been a huge lack of hardware from Apple. Comparing the iPhone 5 with the S3, the hardware differences are tiny. The next iPhone (rumored to be the 5s) should be able to put up a fight against the S4.

Software is where Apple once ruled. The original iPhone changed smartphones forever! Although iOS is a lot more stable and secure than Android, iOS has become BORING! A jailbreak allows you to change it up but it still cannot compare to what Android offers. iOS 7 has been rumored to change everything and allow users to customize the system a lot more.

The octa core variant of the S4 is definitely exciting but do we really need that much power from a mobile device? My opinion is that the current generation of phones have become far more powerful than required by current generation apps. Until mobile phone software is taken to the next level, we really don't need more power than maybe 1-2gigs of ram and a dual core proccessor.

krazykombatant1818d ago

see that plastic feel doesn't do it for me.

However, I'm still considering the phone after seeing all of this.

Its a tight race between Xperia Z, HTC ONE and S4.

Got to upgrade next month anyone have any tips or suggestion on which I should pick up?

gunnerforlife1817d ago

let me tell you something, i had the S3 for 6 months (dads contract, i took the phone of him) and wasnt sure if i was going to get the S4 cuz of how plastic it is, but i went into the shop and bought it anyways, the second i got it on my hand, I COULD feel the Quality Difference between S3 and S4! S4 is plastic, at its best! it feels so much better! and looks quite sexy!

just my opinion, i think you will love it!

KingPin1817d ago

i was thinking of getting the Xperia z, till the sony rep tells me later down the line, if the battery gets damaged due to over-charging you stuck. they cannot/will not replace the battery.
the One im not sure about, here they dont really have solid support for HTC products so not sure.
the S4 however has everything and as for the plastic feel you talking of, the S4 doesnt have it.

Gondee1817d ago

Im going to have to disagree with you gunner, the plastic is literally the exact same as the GS3. I can bend the phone with my hands, and that makes it feel cheap and of poor quality. Thats not to say the build quality is bad, i'm sure they are built great, but the design is sub par.

HTC understands build materials and quality feel in the hand by design. If they would have consolidated their line up 3 years ago, they would be where samsung is today...

SnakeCQC1817d ago

i dont get the plastic argument. It makes the phone MUCH lighter and its very durable. Also being able to remove the back allows us to change out the battery etc rather than having everything sealed in(very wasteful as you need to replace the device if something goes wrong)

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KingPin1817d ago

you joking right?
tiny differences? the iphone 5 = iphone 4S = Samsung Galaxy S2. go look it up.

and you right, the iphone did change smartphones but that doesnt mean handing out the same thing over and over with new numbers makes it better. Apple needs to improve instead of saying "we dont need it. its worthless. it wont take off."

i lol when people say "do we really need such power"
with your kind of mentality, we would still be rocking 486 pcs @ 200Mhz coz that does the job. do we really need windows 7 and 3.1 was doing a fine job? why sould we have quad-core when dual core works? with newer, better hardware, people are capable of doing more with a device.

but i can see you rather get things when they mainstream then be ahead of the curve. guess you think iphone was the first fully touch screen phone out there and never even knew the SE P900 existed.

ijust2good1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Its funny cause Samsung have done an Apple and have not innovated one bit with there latest S4.

Nothing new with innovation with S4. Just full of crappy bloatware that most people don't give a shit about and the obvious evolution of Screen pixels and processor/ram upgrades that u often see with other smartphones.

Basically S4 is an iphone like upgrade. Shitty gimmicky features with touchwiz and retarded bloatware that eats up ur battery and memory, and of course that ugly looking design. Come on Samsung, at least change that design. Take a hint from HTC and of course ur closet love, Apple inc.

SilentNegotiator1817d ago

That's marketing for ya; basically just hypocrisy and convincing people that they're awesome for buying one product over another.

Why o why1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Have you used it.

Its going to be harder to innovate if you bundled so much into the previous phone. Whats apple or htc come with. At the moment its nokia and samsung who have added the most features that you call bloatware. I remember when things like notification dd bar (android) was classed as bloatware by I look. The s4 is an evolution not a revolution but dont try and downplay one of, if not, the top smartphone out there.

Samsung will continue to add things you say nobody uses because they're thinking ahead...not too long ago people were trying to sue over stupid things like menu bounce back, curved edges, icons. Cant happen with any of the features they're implementing now. Swiping to answer, eye tracking, flip to mute, page buddy, voice camer, whatever. Apple cant sue. The others dont

Of the new features the air gesture group play, air view are innovative and useful enough. The other useful things are attributed to android like the lock screen widgets and 2 finger swipes for extended dd toggles. Great phone despite the monster marketing machine. Definitely not a smoke and mirror affair.

ijust2good1817d ago

@Why o why

Its Samsung that bitches the most and shows off NOT Apple. Samsung are obsessed with Apple. I rest my case again, S4 should have been called Galaxy S3s but of course that might lead to suing by apple but we know its the same thing.

Apple always gets attacked for not innovating, but seriously when u look at it closely. Samsung does the same shit.

What do most people want in a phone? 1)A good Design 2) Ergonomically portable 3)Fast processor that can handle fast and responsive web surfing and video playback 4) Plenty of Apps 5) a decent camera 6) Easy & Fast upto date OS upgrades. An iphone can do all those MOST important features and do it just as good if not better than the best android phones. U can look at Youtube for Realtime comparisons and NOT just benchmark. Iphone with less battery and processor can outperform quad-core Androids in REALTIME performance.

Samsung innovating? Seriously..what a dumb Samsung fanboys, stupid fanboyz. Eye tracking, health apps, moving wallpaper, smart pause, Air gestures ect all complete useless gimmicky bloadware that most people would not use....
"NOT INNOVATION", not by a million miles. Fanboys get orgasmic when Samsung/Apple announce a new gimmick.

The retarded touch-wiz is ridiculous. Despite having brighter and 1080p upgraded screen, the OLED screen is still unnatural and washed out compared to iphone 5 and HTC Once's screen.

Samsung are not innovators but more like followers. They can't even innovate a design of the phone. Apple is a cult, they will continue to have huge followers even with the lack of innovation, whiles Samsung will die if they continue to do an Apple. HTC and Sony are coming at them hard. The crowded Android market is a tuff one to dominate for long. Samsung cannot do an Apple and expect to be at the top of android market if they continue doing S4 like upgrades.

Xperia & HTC One are hitting Samsung Galaxy hard and it will only get worse.

Why o why1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

seriously, how old are you. I'm not saying your first born is ugly I'm just talking about a corporation neither of us have shares in. What do you call innovative because from what I can decipher from your ranting is that samsung could change night to day and you'd still give them no credit.

Smart alert. Useful

Air gestures. Useful

Eye tracking, useful for some, not me personally.

Turn over to mute calls or sound. Useful

13 mega pixel camera. Useful

Voice commands. Useful

the list goes on so getting caught up on having to be innovative is ridiculous because IF thats all you like what exactly did apple innovate with... or even add... I just like added features as samsung have to compete against other android devices with something other than uni-body cases or super cameras

You need to chill because I own i devices where as I highly doubt you own a samsung phone or tablet. Washed out display....You'll sing 1080p display when apple does it...Have a good day sir and enjoy your device like I'm enjoying my useful bloatware

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MrDead1817d ago

sigh.... I pity these people, if I had a button that could destroy all smart phones I would use it without a moment’s thought.

gunnerforlife1817d ago

guessing you're the type of people that dont appreciate how far technology has come the past two decades yeah!? thats as stupid as someone saying with HD TVs didnt exist!

MrDead1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

So you associate the mobile phone with the peak of human technological achievement?... your aspirations are very low.

Also who the hell want's HDTV's when 4K only cost $5,000 and $7,000?

gunnerforlife1817d ago

if you think TVs are the peak of human technological achievement then you got ta wake up loool i havent watched tv in over 2 years unless theres a soccer match on, TVs are becoming obsolete for some people with laptops around, yeah well im not rich or stupid enough to spend 7G on a tv :/

MrDead1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Who said TV's are the peak of human technological achievement?

You lost me on your statement when you typed "ta" and "loool" as I don't speak child it's hard to decipher what you say. Sorry you’re not rich enough to purchase a 4K TV but I am. Maybe Santa might be kind enough to bring you one for Christmas if you're a good little boy this year or if you wish hard enough.

Sorry if you're not a child but I've made that assumption from your reply as you made the assumption that I hate all technology because of my dislike for the smartphone, it was a passing comment and wasn't meant to offend. In the future I will not comment on mobile phone articles so to not upset you anymore.

listenkids1817d ago

Most features in the ad are usable on all Android devices, the air brush touch isn't big enough for me to warrant a purchase, and I'm not a fan of the model ( too similar to S3, give us change ).

Nothing against the phone on a technical level, Android all the way.

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spektical1817d ago

this whole "plastic" feel is nonsense. the iphone feels like a could snap it in half in my hand.

not many consumers are driven by "feel". I think its a point many critics thing is somehow on the minds of the majority of consumers.

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