Hotmail brand name officially dead. Say hello to

Vyralize: It’s official, the Hotmail name is no more. Welcome to

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Kalowest1721d ago

It's MS so ppl are automatically are going to hate it.

Gondee1722d ago

I always felt Hotmail was kinda gimmicky and 90's feeling. Outlook is much more recognizable and corresponds with Microsofts premier email client. Good move MS

ChrisW1722d ago

I've had my Hotmail account since 1995, so I never thought of it feeling as such.

Gondee1722d ago

Im talking about the name, having @hotmail at the end of your email looks unprofessional to me. Like some internet craze name from the 90's, which it is lol

aviator1891722d ago

I really dig the look of outlook.

spartanlemur1722d ago ShowReplies(1)
r211721d ago

Well, this sucks. I like 'hotmail', made my email's title feel bit fancy.

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