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Apple, AT&T, Verizon rated Worst Companies at protecting consumer data from Government

Vyralize: A recent report by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has concluded that companies like Apple, MySpace, Yahoo, and Verizon do very little to protect consumer’s data. (Industry)

Vyralize  +   789d ago
Good thing I use Dropbox!
Mikefizzled  +   789d ago
But Apple is the best innovator so it doesn't matter

mcroddi  +   789d ago
I'm not suprised. The amounts of apps and data we use on our phones is scary.
brandonw00  +   789d ago
As an iPhone user on Verizon's network, this is not good.
gunnerforlife  +   789d ago
so you're basically f*cked both ways LOL
T3MPL3TON  +   789d ago
Ah ha. He bought an iPhone.. Lol.
blackberty  +   789d ago
They missed Sony.
evil_element  +   789d ago
They paid the most to EFF.
fatstarr  +   789d ago
Lmao A+
cee773  +   788d ago
This is about the government and law enforcement

If it were talking about hacks then yea they missed sony. microsoft and the federal reserve just to name A few any company can be hacked
Gondee  +   789d ago
all iv got to say is, FUCK AT&T
Ilovetheps4  +   789d ago
Myspace is still around?
fatstarr  +   789d ago
Im proud of twitter. considering its platform is too edgy for the internet they have to fight for your rights.
mp1289  +   788d ago
Have tmobile, gmail and a pc...im good...Facebook still has me worried though
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