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Apple, AT&T, Verizon rated Worst Companies at protecting consumer data from Government

Vyralize: A recent report by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has concluded that companies like Apple, MySpace, Yahoo, and Verizon do very little to protect consumer’s data.

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Vyralize1667d ago

Good thing I use Dropbox!

Mikefizzled1667d ago

But Apple is the best innovator so it doesn't matter


mcroddi1667d ago

I'm not suprised. The amounts of apps and data we use on our phones is scary.

brandonw001667d ago

As an iPhone user on Verizon's network, this is not good.

gunnerforlife1667d ago

so you're basically f*cked both ways LOL

T3MPL3TON 1667d ago

Ah ha. He bought an iPhone.. Lol.

evil_element1667d ago

They paid the most to EFF.

cee7731667d ago

This is about the government and law enforcement

If it were talking about hacks then yea they missed sony. microsoft and the federal reserve just to name A few any company can be hacked

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