The Future of Broadband Internet

Maximum PC: The World Wide Web has been around for 20 years as of today and broadband internet has evolved considerably over the latter half of that timespan in the US. Whereas just a few years ago, large parts of the country were relegated to pokey 56K dial-up connections over standard phone lines, now multi-megabit broadband connections are commonplace and speed increases are being introduced regularly. In fact, in some test markets, broadband at gigabit speeds is on the way. And yes, that’s gigabits with a “G,” as in roughly 17,800x more bandwidth than 56K dial-up.

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fatstarr1845d ago

I hope this magazine gets on point the last issue was skimpy and like 66 pages.

mpctips1845d ago

Some good tips, especially about using a quality router. High performance routers are pricey, if you're paying a faster tier broadband connection, it can be the difference between getting the bandwidth you're paying for, or not.

Kos-Mos1845d ago

I have a relatively cheap router and my speed is a tad over what I pay for. Your point is invalid like the company apple`s points.

mpctips1845d ago

Having tested a fair number of routers on high-speed connections for professional review, my point is anything but invalid. Obviously everyone's setup is different, but in general, a high-performance router with a strong antennae (or two or three) ensures you're getting the connection you're paying for, especially when there's walls separating you from the router. And that's not including the supplemental features that are baked into higher end routers.

Gamefan121845d ago

you are talking about wifi not router. different things

mpctips1844d ago

I'm talking about a wireless router, which is part of this story (page 4).

DivineRiku1844d ago

what about us in the rural that can only get satellite internet. Nobody thinks about us