After 25 years in jail, the Internet blew my mind

Salon - When I went to prison in the '80s, the web didn't exist. Nothing could have prepared me for what it had to offer.

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-Mezzo-1358d ago

Internet? pfft.

Wait till you see how stupid people have gotten.

extermin8or1358d ago

Unfortunately it's so true :(

Tzuno1357d ago

oh!!!.. you are so right.

UnwanteDreamz1357d ago

Just needs MTV to see that.

thorstein1357d ago

...and the porn.... It used to be only a couple hundred million sites 25 years ago. But now, it has just exploded!

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SnakeCQC1358d ago

wait til he discovers porn

caseh1358d ago

Haha, my exact thought when I read the topic of the article.

SilentNegotiator1358d ago

After 25 years in prison...that guy's gonna be one happy SOB. Out with Bubba, in with women streaming straight into your computer on demand.

Nykamari1357d ago

Out with Bubba!! LOL!!!! I haven't heard that in a while!

e-p-ayeaH1358d ago

good luck on finding a job

El_Colombiano1357d ago

He had one the first day after he was released. Read the article.

Qrphe1357d ago

Because he networked properly, he did get a job even before he got out as El_Colombiano says. This man truly used a tool that most of us waste on FB and Twitter doing nothing.

Bosna981357d ago

probably will lock himself somewhere with a porn porn

fatstarr1357d ago

hes like a time traveler.

FlameBaitGod1357d ago

lol yah, I wonder when he sees a car with built in voice commands.... WTF cars talk now too!

r211357d ago

Oh wait till he sees Google Glasses.