The 5 Worst Error Messages in the History of Technology

Cracked - Error messages are a necessary evil. We live in a world filled with complicated things that break in complicated ways. If we're all being honest with ourselves, we can admit we're fortunate to live in an age with computers and fancy toys, considering our grandparents were essentially still banging rocks together to start fires. Also using them as furniture. Clothes? Rocks.

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-Mezzo-1877d ago

Microsoft is all over this Article,... Might as well add 'Microsoft' in the title.

Evil_Ryu1876d ago

Clearly written by a closet sony fanboy

Soldierone1876d ago

There is a fuse for the check engine light, I unhooked it on my older car. The light was basically on 24/7 for absolutely no reason.

mcstorm1876d ago

Lol should be titled top 5 Microsoft failed messages. RROD was bad but so was the YOLD but then again every error message is bad when a device breaks.

joel_c171876d ago

Please don't compare the YLOD to the RROD. It was nowhere near as bad.

majiebeast1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Lol Ylod was never at 52%. If it wasnt for RROD Microsoft would have never sold 76 million consoles it would be closer to 50.

mcstorm1875d ago

Lol look at Sony fan boys jumping all over me because I said YOLD. YOLD is a bad as RROD it you get it. I never said it happened to more consoles than the 360 I said its a bad error message as your device has broken. Just like any other error message in technology. It dose not matter if it happens once or every device. An error message like that is bad on all devices.

Stop jumping over a - against Sony. I am a Sony fan but if anyone gets a message for any device it is bad as it means your device is broken.

coolbeans1876d ago

I hate the "Hmmm...something went wrong" message.

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